Blending Personal and Professional with Coffee Mugs Online


A good morning starts with a good cup of coffee and that too in your favorite coffee mug. Coffee Mugs are a symbol of a coffee drinker’s individuality and an expression of their persona. Coffee Mugs are a great way to bond too when you gift one to a friend, colleague or a dear one. In short, Coffee Mugs are a great way to build and strengthen relationships – both personal and professional.

Why Coffee Mugs are special?

According to a Heinz survey, 60% of the respondents had an emotional attachment with their Coffee Mug. Most admitted that they felt their mug was special and beyond replacement while few claimed that they would be heartbroken if it broke.

This just proves the emotional value people attached to a Coffee Mug transforming this mundane object into something special. This is because

  • Using the same Coffee Mug daily gives a feeling of familiarity, security and solidarity in life. This is why people prefer to use their own personalized or custom-printed Coffee Mugs online to have a sense of possession and protection for their favourite object.
  • A Coffee Mug is a storehouse of memories which just whiz past your eyes every time you pick up the Mug. It evokes a sense of nostalgia and a trip down memory lane with your loved ones.
  • The Coffee Mug warms you up with the thought of the loved ones who gifted you this beautiful gift. It brightens your day by letting you know that you are, in fact, a cherished person.
  • A Coffee Mug reflects your mood of the moment. Some people have a collection of Coffee Mugs – one for every mood and moment.
  • Coffee Mugs also reflect your likes and loyalties- be it to Marvel Heroes, Disney cartoons or even sports clubs.

Blending Personal and Professional with Coffee Mugs

Building relationships is equally important in both personal and professional life. And the best way to do it is over a cup of hot, steaming coffee. No wonder, offices have frequent coffee breaks to help people network and interact. Well, Coffee Mugs play a vital role in blending the personal with the professional.

  1. A conversation starter

Most often, even in offices, breaking the ice between colleagues is at times difficult. Coffee Mugs help to get the conversation started and the talk flowing. One look at your personalized Coffee Mug and anyone would be interested to talk to you.

  1. Build rapport

Want to build rapport with your team? Get them together for a cup of coffee. Your Coffee mugs clicking will get your team work soon underway.

  1. Impress

Want to impress the boss? Get him his own dignified personalized coffee Mug online. He can’t say no to it. Gift him a personalized Coffee Mug and watch him warm up to you.

  1. Felicitate

Your colleague got a raise or a promotion? Celebrate by gifting him his own Coffee mug to mark this event. He will never forget you.

  1. Farewell

Your long time buddy at office is quitting. Don’t be sad. Gift him a Photo-printed Coffee Mug online with a collage of your office memories. He is bound to be in happy tears.


Your team won an award as best performers?  Celebrate by gifting each member with a “super team”  Coffee Mug to mark this achievement. This unique yet affordable gift will not only mark your achievement but bring you closer.

Coffee Mugs online are a great way to show your personal touch even in professional relationships. They convey the message that you share and care. Use online designing and printing services to get your personalized mug designs printed for your professional use. 

Make sure you get your Coffee Mugs designed and printed creatively online with the best quality from expert Print specialists to get the right blend of the personal and professional.

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