The changing trends of private aviation industry in the United States of America


The private aviation industry in the United States has changed the flying equation entirely. From being one of the segments that was once skeptical, to the one that has added a new vertical to flying luxury, private aviation has now become a vital segment for the United States.

A slew of companies are coming up with unique and palpable ideas that are changing the way flyers look at aviation. As easy as booking an Uber, the services are simple and allow the users to book their tickets for flights of their choice.  With people preferring to fly in smaller, cozier planes, the idea is on a boom and taking the industry to new heights.

The companies that have stood out and brought to users exactly what they are looking for are the ones who have tapped into the very niche areas of the market. Engaging the usual traveler who flies commercial but finds it inconvenient, startups like JetSmarter and Wheels Up have given a service to look forward to.

JetSmarter: With a $20 million Series B funding and another $105 million Series C funding, the company is planning to expand from 50 operating sites to around 100 in near future. In an interview to Business Insider, CEO Sergey Petrossov said, “We’ve brought in a completely new group of people who could never afford flying private before.”

Wheels Up: The company allows users to book flights on a fleet of Beechcraft King Air 350i and Citation Excel/XLS aircrafts. The app lets users book flights, arrange a ride-share and also plan luxury escapades for when they land.  Valued at $540 million, T Rowe Price portfolio manager, Henry Ellenbogen said, “Private air travel has been the domain of the ultra-wealthy. This is attractive to that consumer base, and the one right below that which is much bigger.”

The private aviation market has taken a turn from its primitive ways and the changes are phenomenal. With options to fly comfortably with service providers like JetSmarter and Wheels Up, aviation is on the threshold of a new era. And the seeds have already been sown.

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