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10 Things you can’t avoid in Resume


Resume writing is the most reliable and truthful source for any recruiter to recruit an employee. From the starting to its end, the tactful information should be available in your resume. Nowadays recruiters are so busy in other creative stuff that they don’t even have time to look over the resume of the employees. So to gather their attention you need to keep your resume eye-catchy and thoughtful to them.

To avoid some mistakes which generally turns out to be the downfall of many employee aspirations. Value the resume as it is the basic step to achieve your golden dream job. Some important tips are mentioned below that should not be overlooked while making a resume. The 10 king points you can’t avoid in your resume.

  1. Highlight the name tag- Highlight the name bar and the do provide your email id and contact number correctly. Keep a proper order after the Name, id and contact as it directs you to use the middle lane or the side bars for rest of the resume.
  2. Job experience- Do not avoid job experience because this is the main factors which a recruiter looks for. This king point can make you score better in your resume. Do mention your job experience wisely and correctly.
  3. Educational Experience- Education is the key part as it tells whether it fulfills the job demands or not. It shows the qualification bars of your life. This factor is important to get the best job.
  4. Volunteer work- This may not have a direct connection to the job but all these qualities reflects your good being and inner self which is important for other company staff. This section can be filled with charitable work, tutoring or any connection with the Non- profit organizations.
  5. Personal Qualities- This is not important for any organization but it need to fulfill at personal levels. The nationality and language and everything define a person at given personal level which is important for a good organization to keep a check on it.
  6. Avoid grammatical errors- By typing a resume we generally make some mistakes of grammar like the sentence formations and heavy wrong tense formations. We should always avoid all these on the professional levels. To avoid that one should always check its writing on the best site or the app known as ‘Grammarly’.
  7. Spelling errors- Re-Read the resume all over again, because some basic mistakes can make you lose your golden job. Avoid that and use the spell check point in MS- word or use Grammarly for spell check.
  8. Say No to crazy fonts- Never use different fonts and colors to the professional front. Always make sure to keep your resume effective and simple with minimal font display.
  9. Consistent Format- Always uses the format which is easily readable with reverse chronological order of series. It should not be tough for the recruiter to go through your resume. It should cut and clear.
  10. Avoid technical jargons at par- Always write simple and do nit copy something which you yourself can’t understand. Recruiters need just the relevant effective information as they have busy work schedule. So make sure to write less and avoid heavy word lines.

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