Metal Fabrication Experts in Edmonton


Whether you are working on a project that involves cutting and joining of pieces of metal, or simply need a custom-made metal product such as a van or truck body, a service body, or a van shelving system, it is only appropriate to involve experts with enough experience in metal work. Fortunately, there are companies that you can count on to provide you with a wide range of metal products and metal fabrication services.

Metal Fabrication Experts in Edmonton
If you are based in Edmonton, you will find renowned metal fabrication companies that build great quality service, van and truck bodies, service decks, van shelving systems and a range of other metal products. These experts usually use advanced technologies and will work closely with you to produce a product that guarantees you optimal functionality, reliability and serviceability. Whether you are looking out for suppliers of the best service bodies or welding decks in Edmonton, these companies have you fully covered. They offer quality:

1. Service Bodies
These experts are well-known for designing and manufacturing great quality service bodies that are either standard or customized to an individual’s specifications. Whether you need a simple unit or something else entirely, these companies boast of having some of the best designers, welders, as well as electricians that work in close collaboration to deliver innovative and very cost-effective solutions that will suit your exact needs.

2. Custom Flat Decks
The experts are well-known for designing and building custom flat decks for a range of commercial trucks. Their decks come in different sizes and can fit equipment transporters as well as hot shot trucks. Moreover, seasoned engineers from these companies can add different options to your deck such as custom side racks, front cabinets or the rear folding crane, hence making your work at the job site much easier.

3. Custom Welding Decks
These companies also supply individual owners and welding companies with some of the best custom welding decks in Edmonton. They produce superior quality and durable steel and aluminum decks that are customized to a person’s preferred configuration. Some of the options they offer include cutting tables, work platforms, clamping lips and tool boxes, among other things.

4. Custom Truck Bodies
These companies have also specialized in building custom truck bodies for different types of trucks. They have a lot of experience in producing custom truck bodies for oil and gas companies, utility providers, excavation contractors as well as municipalities. Whether you need custom hitches, oil field pickers or complete mobile cranes, they have you covered.

5. Custom Van Bodies
Right from cutaway bodies to data vans to mobile command centres, these companies can build custom van bodies that meet the exact needs of municipal, government, commercial and industrial clients. Furthermore, all the work as well as customization is usually done in-house by the most skilled designers, welders, painters and fabricators, hence saving you a lot of money.

Other products that are offered by these metal fabrication experts include custom dump boxes, traffic control signs, custom truck canopies, custom service decks, custom picker decks, as well as wide load signs, among other things. Moreover, these experts usually use top quality materials and the best workmanship, which guarantees you reliable products that are built to last.


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