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Moving to a new country isn’t that easy but who wouldn’t want to live and move to a land of opportunities?  It is the sixth largest country in the world with a population of 21 million people. The natural beauty of that place dominates over the suburban places. The country is home to a range of wildlife and nature, also some of the species of animals and plants which are indigenous to Australia only. The life expectancy is high in the country and the stress level is low because of the good quality of life the country offers to inhabitants. So if you doubt your reasons to move to Australia then here are some great ones!

Australia has been rated as the best country to live in and work by the American Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development for third year in a row. Australia has been ranked the second for its quality of life by the United Nations. The quality of education is amazing with numerous government and private schools along with a number of tertiary institutions to choose from.

The economy of Australia is a success story in itself and it has been growing and growing for the last few decades. Economy is very strong and the proximity to Asia proves further growth.  The majority of the people who are living in Australia can be termed as Middle Class. The country is more meritocratic than any other country, employment rate is high and there are casual jobs available in most parts of the country. The availability of casual work helps the young Australians and the international students to get an employment. Interestingly, the wages of even the casual jobs are higher than any other country in Europe.

The standard of education is very high in Australia; the subjects covered in the courses are very diverse which enable the students to learn more. A high number of international students from all around the world are enrolled and welcomed into the education institutes for higher education. Australia is a great educational hub for your children they would be able to learn and grow without having to pay high international fees.

Security is an aspect which is very crucial and it is the point which every individual looks for before moving to a new country. Australia is considered to be a safe place and the crime rate is very low. The people of the country are very community conscious and extremely friendly, they have a very laidback lifestyle and one could easily become their ‘mate’!

If you are someone who is moving from a colder climate country then Australia is going to be idyllic for you. The country has mild winters and warm to hot summers. However, the north of the country and the interior gets the real heat in the summer though New South Wales and Victoria have snow during the winter so skiing along with other winter sports are available. But the long sunny summer evenings are something which is enjoyed by everyone.

Australia is a very rich multicultural society and it is interesting to know that almost 40 per cent of the population has been born outside the country. Australians believe in the “work hard, play hard” policy, they work during the weekdays and spend their weekends in parks or on beaches. The climate allows the people to enjoy their weekends. Since the coastline is 16,000 miles surfing is very popular in the country.

Cricket, rugby and Aussie Rules Football are the sports which are most popular in the country and nowadays soccer has started to gain its popularity too. Almost every town in the country has swimming pool, athletics club, squash and tennis, bowls and even golf courses.

If you are someone who loves nature then you would fall in love with this country. Australia is the country which has a park in every city and town. In short, there is always someplace green to sit and have a nice relax time. There are national parks, conservation parks, game reserves, recreation parks, wildlife protection areas, conservation reserves and marine reserves in the country. You wouldn’t have to give it a lot of thought to select a place to spend the weekend with your family. And of course, we just can’t neglect the beaches.

The healthcare system of the country is similar to the UK’s National Health which is fair and equal for all the people living in Australia. There are a number of health care organizations and private hospitals in Australia.

Lastly, about the accent which you will get familiar to after spending few days in the country and you will be all ready for Australia.

Lalani & Associates is offering a program which would help you in moving to Australia, it’s for individuals through the skilled worker immigration program; Australian General Skilled Migration (GSM). The program was launched with the initiative of “Skill Select” which would help cater the needs of the economy of Australia. The program helps the Australian government to manage who, when and in what numbers could apply for the Skilled Migration program.

Following are the programs under the Australian Immigration:

Skilled independent visa / Permanent visa:

The program is designed for individuals who are not sponsored by anyone residing in Australia. Upon gaining the visa, the individual would be allowed to work and live in Australia as a permanent residence. An applicant to become eligible for this program is to have an occupation listed on the skilled occupation list (SOL).

Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) visa:

The applicants applying through this program will be able to live and work in specified regional areas of the country within for a period of four years. The occupation of the applicant must be listed on the consolidated sponsored occupation list (CSOL) to become eligible for the program.

Sponsored or Nominated visa:

This program is designed for applicants who are sponsored by a state or a territory government agency. The applicant would be able to live in Australia as a permanent residence and work after getting the visa. The occupation of the applicant must be listed on the consolidated sponsored occupation list (CSOL).

Eligibility criteria:

  • age must be under 39 years old
  • minimum 15 years of education
  • 3 years of relevant post qualification experience
  • Minimum of 7 bands in each component of IELTS exam

Citizenship and Residence criteria:

  • Applicant must be living in Australia on a valid visa for four years immediately before applying, also one year as a permanent residence
  • Applicant must not be absent for 1 year in the four years period including not more than 90 days in the year immediately before applying

Assessment of Eligibility:

Get your eligibility assessed by the experts of the best immigration consultants in Pakistan, Lalani & Associates. Visit our website take the Free Assessment and start your immigration process to Immigrate to Australia.

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